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Consider a Pet Sitting Business
Next Time You Travel

A Good Alternative For You and Your Pet!

Is turning to a pet sitting business a good option for you?

There are pet care services located in most every city in the US. Gone are the days when your options for pet care while traveling were limited to a willing neighbor or a boarding facility. And one of the best options in my opinion are in-home pet care professionals. 

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You can rest easy knowing your pet's can remain in the comfort and security of their own home when you have to travel, alleviating unnecessary stress and anxiety for them physically and emotionally.

This is especially important if a pet is elderly or suffers health problems.

Hiring a professional helps to elimate the risk of illness or injury from being exposed to other animals in boarding facilities. 

Pet sitters who are worth considering today should be trained professionals prepared to care for most any type of pet, not just cats and dogs. Pet sitting services not only care for your pet's while you're away; they retrieve your mail, water your plants, turn lights on and off for added security so your house looks occupied while you're away.

Having spent a few years as a professional pet sitter, I can speak with confidence about this much needed service. Being an active member of a professional pet sitters organization gave me the training and professional edge I needed in order to supply my clients with the highest level of confidence and service.

Pet sitters provide the personal attention that family pets need when they're separated from their owners. 

Hiring the kid next door is risky on many levels, and even with the best intentions he won't likely have the experience to deal with unforseen emergencies or the hundreds of other things that can go wrong when you're away.

Consider the following when interviewing a pet sittingcat in window business or individual pet sitter:

  • Is the pet sitter licensed and bonded?

  • Does he/she belong to a professional pet sitting organization which provides on-going training and education?

  • Is the sitter pet first aid and CPR certified?

  • Does he/she keep regular office hours and conduct themselves like a professional?

  • Do they have at least three current references with contact information?

  • What type of experience have they had with animals and for how long? Do they have pets of their own?

  • How much time will be spent with your pets each visit and how many visits will be made to your home per day?

  • Did he/she present you with a client/sitter contract that clearly outlines what they do and do not provide and what they expect from you?

  • Are their fees competitive with other local professionals and are their fee's easy to understand?

  • Do they have contact with after-hours emergency vet services?

  • Have they got a plan for emergencies such as a power outage or inclement weather?

  • Do they have their business name advertised on their vehical making it obvious to others that you are away? Obviously not a good idea!

  • How did they interact with your pets during your first interview?
After your initial meeting ask yourself, what your overall impression was of the pet sitter? After all, they will be in and out of your home while you're away, as well as caring for your precious pets.

Never hire a pet sitter over the phone. Always meet and interview anyone you're considering to care for your pet and your home in your absense.
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What's the best way to find a pet sitting business?

  • Ask people you know who have hired pet sitters for recommendations. But do your homework, beware of untrained, unexperienced pet sitters who have no professional credentials and are not licensed and insured.

  • Ask your veterinarian if he/she has any information about local pet sitting businesses. 

  • Research pet sitting organizations on-line for referrals in your area. Pet Sitters International (PSI) and National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) both have a free pet sitter locator tools.
A professional pet sitter should have a passion for animals and a desire to provide top knotch care and service to their clients.
Hiring a professional from a reputable pet sitting business in your area can take much of the stress and hassel out of your next trip away. And your pets will thank you for it!

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