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Is Pet Insurance Right For You?

A question I wish someone had asked me a long time ago! While doing the research for pet insurance reviews, it dawned on me that the better question might be, "Is there a limit on the amount of money you are willing spend on your beloved pet???"

rottweiler puppyYou might be forced to ask yourself that very question someday if you own a pet without pet health insurance. I never dreamed there could be any situation which would cause me and my family to consider finances over our pets. How do you put a monetary value on your best friend?

Tragically, too many people are at some point faced with circumstances that force them to choose between their family finances and their pet's care. Like me, these people may have never planned for a medical emergency or never had considered pet insurance should be included in the family budget.

Far too many pets are unnecessarily put down each year due to the need to let finances dictate a pet's medical care.

Several years back my Westie, Sidney (pictured on this page), had swallowed an object and became very sick, very fast. This "object" somehow eluded the veterinarians who were in charge of her care at the time. She became increasingly ill as each day passed, and still no diagnosis in sight!

After several days and what seemed like a million tests had been run, and a bill which was now exceeding $3000, the vet's gave up and recommended we put her to sleep so she wouldn't continue to suffer. And yes, she was suffering, more than we could bear.west highland white terrier

Completely in shock and denial, my husband and I just couldn't give up on her, so at the advice of a good friend, we took her to an exclusive animal specialist group in Jacksonville, Florida. The veterinarians there were able to locate the obstruction within hours and rushed her into surgery.

Sidney had managed to swallow a long piece of string that had woven its way through her tummy and severed her intestines in several places. She had been sick so long by then, that the vet's couldn't believe how hard she had fought to stay alive.

After removing several portions of her intestines, Sidney came through
the ordeal beautifully. This incident earner her a coveted new title,
"The five-thousand-dollar dog". (Not quite the bionic woman,
but close.)

We are eternally grateful to the North Florida Veterinary Specialists group who saved her life.

So the nightmare ended well for us, but not without turning our entire world on its end. Our emotions were all over the place. We were forced to answer the question, "just how far would we go for our pets?" And all because we never considered pet insurance!

Both of our dogs are now elderly and both have serious health conditions. It was too late by then to go back purchase a pet insurance policy. Do we wish we had made better choices, absolutely! Please don't make the same tragic mistake. Budget now for pet insurance.

No one should ever have to be torn between
their family finances and their pets care!

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Some current statistics about pet health care in the U.S. include:

  • One in three pets will become ill or suffer an injury during their lifetime leading to unexpected veterinary medical care.

  • Less than 3% of the more than 70 million homes in the U.S. who have pets, currently own pet insurance.

  • Pet owners in the U.S. spend more than $24 billion on pet medical care.

  • Voluntary euthanasia is on the rise in this country due to personal finances.

  • Veterinary emergencies such as an auto injury can easily exceed $3000 depending on severity of the injuries. That would be tough on folks in good times and close to impossible during hard times. Can we afford not to have pet insurance?

Bottom line: It is imperative that you include your pets in your household budget! Whether you choose pet insurance or set up a special pet savings account, this is the only way to keep from someday being blindsided by unplanned veterinary expenses.

I personally would not have the discipline for the savings account approach, if you think that could be an issue for you then I would seriously consider the pet insurance investment.

Depending on where you live and what type of animal you have; without pet insurance you can expect to spend in excess of:

$4000+ for a hip replacement
$2000+ for cardiac surgery and treatment
And believe it not, you can spend $20,000 or more on cancer
(note: these costs are general, and should not be considered exact or absolute. Cost of care has many variables including but not limited to,
the state where reside, breed type, extent of injury or illness, etc.)

kitten with stethoscope
So where do you begin? Start by taking a close look at some of the top veterinary insurance companies and their offerings. You could type in
"pet insurance" to search the Internet, but be prepared to read for days on end.

Some of the questions you might ask while comparing the various pet insurance companies might include:

  • Do you offer different deductible options with your policies?
  • Is there a waiting period before I can begin using the policy?
  • Do your policies offer wellness (preventative) coverage?
  • Will it cover dental?
  • Do your policies include alternative care such as hydrotherapy?
  • What if I choose a holistic veterinarian?
  • What about prescription medications or prescription foods?
  • Is there an age limit or can I still get a policy for my senior pet?
  • Are there annual limits?
  • What if my pet has a pre-existing condition?
  • What about breed types with genetic predispositions?
There's a lot of information out there and making sense of it can be challenging, so we've done the homework for you and compiled much of the needed information right here. We'll also compare some of the top pet insurance companies further with pet insurance reviews.

Ok, next we'll crunch some numbers and look at what the cost of pet insurance might look like for those with and without pet health insurance.
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