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Concerned About Pet Health Issues?

Why Your Pet's Health Matters...
Especially in Tough Times

Many pet health issues can be costly, and avoiding them is both good for your pet and for your budget. Many of us it seems have become sidetracked these days trying to figure out how to stretch our dollars.

You love and care for your pets because they are a cherished member of your family and that's why their health and care are important to you.

Exactly how do you juggle your finances without neglecting your four-legged family members? sick pet cat
Put them in the budget! They're depending on you, in good times and in bad. Neglect the needs of your pet's health and care, even for a short time, and the consequences can be dire!

If you've ever owned a pet, then you know that raising a pet is much like raising a child; their needs go beyond food and toys.

Whether you have a new kitten or have the good fortune to be living with a senior dog, whether your pets are perfectly healthy or they have specific pet health issues, the important thing to remember is...

Don't Neglect the Basics!

  • Have an annual exam done by a veterinarian.
Staying current with your pet's vaccines, along with annual exams will help insure there are no surprises, which almost always lead to large vet bills. Depending on the age of your pet, this can include a physical exam, vaccinations, heartworm testing, and blood work to insure there are no unseen pet health issues developing.

I learned the hard way that you can never assume your pet is in good health by the way he or she looks on the outside. (Read my story)

For more about annual veterinary exams...

  • Have your pet's teeth cleaned annually.
Good dental health is one of the most important areas to consider if you want to avoid future pet health issues. Just like people, not all dogs and cats have been blessed with great teeth for life. Tartar and plaque build up on their teeth too, and if left unchecked, can contribute to serious health conditions.

Whether you have been successful at training your pet to sit for you while having his teeth brushed or not, if your veterinarian feels it's warranted, have their teeth cleaned once a year along with feeding a balanced diet to insure good dental health.
For more on cat and dog dental health...

  • Flea and Heartworm Prevention
Always check with your vet to see whether you live in an area where flea and heartworm prevention are necessary year-round or just seasonally.

posing petsYour veterinarian can advise you about specific product recommendations and usage.

Be sure to educate yourself about the possible side effects of the various flea and heartworm products.

Also on the rise, are many holistic flea prevention ideas and products. You should seek the advice of your veterinarian or a licensed holistic veterinarian before making a decision.

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  • Keep your pet's clean and looking their best.
Regular grooming probably gets overlooked or neglected more than any other pet care routine. Not only does regular grooming keep them looking good, smelling good, and feeling great...lack of it can be the cause of many pet health issues that could otherwise be prevented.

Certain dog and cat breeds require professional grooming, but even if this is true in your case, there are many great grooming products available today to help pet owners groom their pets from home or between professional grooming visits.

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  • Exercise is good for the body and the mind!
You've heard an "apple a day keeps the doctor away", well the same goes for your pet's, sort of; a good bit of physical activity each day helps keep pet health issues away! Did you know that it's also one of the best things you can do for your pet's mental well being?

Just the simple act of walking your dog daily can calm his nerves and hyperactivity, and it's good for your stress too! Daily exercise is especially important if you work outside the home and your pet is left alone for long periods of time.
For additional info on pet exercise...

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  • Make your home safe for your pets.

    Plants-foods-chemicals... Do you know what dangers could be lurking in your home? Learn what can be hazardous and poisonous for your pets and take steps to ensure they stay protected and safe from costly and unnecessary pet health issues.  Be prepared for emergencies. Take a pet first aid/CPR course and assemble a home first aid kit.
    For more about toxins...
    For more about pet first aid and pet CPR...

  • Pet Health Insurance...Compare and Prepare!
One of the best ways to keep within your budget believe it or not, is to invest in pet health insurance. It's easy to convince yourself that this is one expense you can live without when your pet is young and healthy.

But one accident or major pet health issue such as cancer or an abdominal obstruction requiring surgery, can be far more financially devastating than if you had planned ahead.

Even if you decide against pet health insurance, you could simply start a separate  savings account for your pet as soon as you make them a family member, or even today; it's never too late to get started saving. Your pet's health care can be as costly as a college education, so why not be prepared.

For pet insurance information, reviews and comparison...

Looking at ways you can incorporate a holistic approach
to your pet's health care?

Holistic pet health care is on the rise, and you need to do your homework before jumping in. We'll include some good resources for you to begin your search for information. Some holistic therapies lend themselves beautifully alongside traditional veterinary medicine. Always consult your veterinarian before beginning any new health care approach with your pets.

These are only a few of the ways we care for our pets health
and well being. Keeping up with the basics
can bring you many more happy years
with your best friend and less
concern over troubling
pet health issues.

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