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Professional Pet Groomers or DIY?

Professional pet groomers make it easy and convenient, but every pet owner should know the basics at home!

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Ok, so you're not a member of the pet groomers club, no sweat! Grooming your pet at home is easier than you might think, and it has many advantages.

Unless you have a pet with special grooming needs requiring a professional, learning to groom at home can provide great bonding time for you and fido.

Home grooming can also be much more cost affective than going to the grooming salon and far less stressful for your pet.

If grooming your pet at home isn't an option for you, then professional pet groomers are only a phone call away. Of course all groomers are not created equal. Try and get a personal recommendation from someone who uses a pet groomer regularly. Again, your veterinarian might be the best place to start.
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Be picky, ask lot's of questions, and make sure the pet groomers pass the most basic of requirements:

  • Professionally trained and licensed. Did you know that some states don't require anything more than a business license to open a grooming salon? Stay clear of this scenario, since your pet can't talk, you will have no idea the kind of experience or treatment your pet receives after he's dropped off.

  • Ask to tour the facility. If a professional pet grooming business refuses let you see where your pet will be while he's being groomed or waiting to be groomed, run - don't - walk, back out the door and keep searching.

  • Does the facility look and smell clean? Is the groomer friendly and willing to answer your questions? Very important! If they aren't willing to work with you to achieve the desired result, then keep looking.

  • Are the holding kennels clean and provide fresh water? Are the animals taken outside to relieve themselves during a long visit? Your dog or cat could be waiting up to 6 hours in a pet groomer's salon before going home.

    Believe it or not, there are grooming salons out there that do not provide anything more than an empty crate to hold a pet before and after his groom. No water, no potty, period!

  • Is the grooming area well ventilated? Not likely something you would think about, but it gets extremely hot in grooming salons with blow dryers and cage dryers constantly blowing. Make sure the conditions are healthy for your pet.

  • Can the pet groomer provide you with references of satisfied customers? Again, your pet can't tell you about his experience at the groomers, so make sure to talk to people who have experience with the groomer you're considering. 

    Tip: Most pet's experience some amount of stress when going to a groomers, if for no other reason than it's an unfamiliar place for them. But, if your pet seems extremely stressed-out when you pick him up, there may be reason for concern.

The Advantages of a Professional Pet Groomer -

  • Groomers offer a wide variety of services and products for pet grooming providing complete service.

  • A pet groomer will likely be equipped with the proper dog groominggrooming a yorkie table and pet grooming equipment appropriate for all breed types.

  • Professional groomers keep current (or should) with the standards for breed coats and breed cuts.

  • Groomers may offer a variety of products for special needs such as shampoos and treatments for dry skin, thinning coat, etc.
  • They clean up the mess! Grooming at home can be a messy and awkward task depending on the type and size of your pet.

Mobile Pet Grooming -

If you're lucky enough to live in area with a reputable mobile grooming service this can be the best of both worlds! Sounds expensive I know, but the cost of hiring a mobile pet groomer is not much different from taking them to the grooming salon.

The advantages are obvious. Your pet is less stressed with you being close by and you are able to check in on them while they are being groomed. You get professional grooming without having to travel.  No mess, no fuss, a win-win for you and your pet! Check your city directory for mobile pet grooming services.

If you've decided to groom your pet from home, I've included some tips and recommendations to help you along the way...

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Additional Grooming Tips: Eyes, Ears, Paws, and Nails

Note: It's simply good habit to check your pets body thoroughly and often. Physically placing your hands on him and checking from his head (eyes, ears, teeth) down his body (neck to tail) to check for any lumps or bumps or anything new or foreign. Making this a habit may help to prevent more serious medical conditions from going unnoticed.

My Westie, Sidney had developed a tiny skin tag on her eyelid that went unnoticed until it had scratched the entire surface of her eye off and she developed a serious ulcer that took four surgeries to correct. If I had made it my practice back then to check her often and thoroughly, then I may have prevented her from having to go through multiple surgeries.

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