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Pet Friendly Airlines

Guide to Major Airlines Pet Travel Policies

We've taken the work out of the search for pet friendly airlines to provide pet owners with a list of some of the major airlines along with links to their various pet travel policies and information pages.

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Contact any airline you may be considering with your additional questions regarding your pet travel needs.

Travel Information for:

Pet Airways - An exclusive pets-only airline where your pet's are the in-cabin passengers. A wonderful alternative for transport needs.

Alaska /Horizon Air
(includes a list of of areas to potty and exercise pets)





Frontier;(no pet's allowed in-cabin with passengers)


Midwest (no pet's allowed in-cabin with passengers)



Sun Country  (in-cabin pet info at bottom of page)

United Airlines

US Airways

Virgin America  (pets checked as baggage not accepted :)


Air Canada

Always consult your veterinarian before traveling for advice on feeding, medications, emergency services, and other issues that may directly affect your pet's travel experience.

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