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Pet Euthanasia

When the Death of a Pet Is Imminent

.....The term Euthanasia meaning, painless death


Pet Euthanasia is not a pleasant subject but the reality is, if you are a pet owner, you may face some hard choices at the end of your pet's life.

The bond between humans and their pets is immeasurable. We delight in their joy and we suffer when they suffer. The loss of a pet brings sorrow and heartache and unless you have already experienced this, there's just no way to prepare for it.

senior catNo one likes to consider the death of a beloved pet, much less having to decide when it's time to let him go. We secretly hope that we never have to make that decision and our pets will peacefully "go to sleep" without suffering.

Planning for a pet's death is another important component of home pet care. At the very least your focus and energy should be spent enjoying those last days or hours with your pet instead of being forced to face heart-wrenching decisions that you were not prepared to make.

Whether you have a puppy, or your pet is in tip-top health, you should have a plan in case something unexpected happens. Talk with your veterinarian about it and discuss ways that he can help you get through it.

Does your veterinarian offer euthanasia services? Some veterinarians will come directly to your home where your pet feels safe and comfortable. This allows you grieve privately with your family in your own surroundings.

Discuss the entire procedure with your vet, let him assist you with some of the burdensome decisions that you might need to make at that time. You can best absorb the information when your not forced to make decisions under pressure. Ask about burial and cremation. Know what's available in your area to provide these services for a pet's death.

Memorializing Your Beloved Pet

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How will you honor your pet and keep his memory alive?

If your pet is to be cremated, will you keep his ashes at home in an urn, or have them scattered some place that was special for the two of you? Pictures and mementos from family outings can be put together in scrap books,  framed on a wall or made into a bookshelf display.

Ever thought about having your pet's footprint cast in porcelain or cement, along with his name, birth date, or special a poem written on it? There are literally endless possibilities to choose from. We would love to hear how others have chosen to memorialize their best friends.

Don't grieve in silence. Reaching out to family and friends who cangerman shepard support you during this difficult time will help get you through the transition.

There are resources and books to help with the grieving process as well. Seek out others who have gone down this road and suffered the loss of a pet.

Sharing stories with people about your joys and your sorrows will help bring you comfort as you grieve your loss.

Recently my sister shared her story about the loss of her pet in the hope that it might bring comfort and awareness to others, and we would like to share it with you...

Till We Meet Again...
A story of love and friendship (click here to read)

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