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What does it all mean?

How can you be sure you're providing healthy nutrition for your pets? It's a daunting task these days to sort out the nutritional facts from marketing hype when it comes to the pet food industry.

The rules governing the use of such terms as "Premium or Natural" on pet food labels are pretty much left to the interpretation of the pet food manufacturers.

Are there ANY healthy nutritional pet food choices on store shelves, or must you prepare your own homemade pet foods to be safe???

As a pet mom I've been in the cross-hairs of this dilemma many times.Black Persian cat After all, the rules change almost as fast as the latest "new and improved pet food" comes on the market.

Truth is, the integrity of the information on pet food labels varies and is sometimes determined by the integrity of the maker/manufacturer.

Yes, there are basic rules and guidelines for manufacturers in order to produce commercial pet food, but there are also many ways around these rules by clever labeling practices.

It's really difficult if not impossible to determine the quality of the food by what's written on the label. The pet food industry is not subject to the same standards that human food is, so buyer beware.

And where does that leave us? Hopefully willing to do our homework and determine to make the best pet food choices we can based on the information we do have available to us.

But the good news is there really is enough information available out there for you to make a good choice for your pets and provide them with the nutrition they need using manufactured foods or home-cooked!

But how do you begin to sort it all out?

During the years I spent as a professional pet-sitter, one of the questions I could count on being asked was, "what's the best dog or cat food?"  As mentioned in one of my favorite books by Lowell Ackerman, D.V.M. (Canine Nutrition), is that consumers must be aware that...
There is NO "one size fits all" pet food!

And there is no single diet that's adequate for every stage of an animal's life. Your pet's nutritional needs are as individual as yours. And your pet's metabolism is as individual to him as yours is to you.

Take the time to research your pet's particular breed. Do you know the breed of your pet? Each breed has different nutritional requirements depending on many things, like size, energy level, working dog or couch potato, genetic predisposition to disease or conditions, just to name a few.

Yorkshire TerrierWhat your pet eats will most certainly play a major role in shaping his health and well being.

Even if you have adopted a shelter animal and have no idea about his genetics, you can still make some time to understand the basics of healthy nutrition for canine or feline.

I am not a veterinary professional or an animal nutrition expert, and I'm not going to try to be one here. But I can tell you from experience that good information is out there and you have a responsibility to your pets to be aware of what his or her nutritional needs are.

My goal here is to get you thinking about the importance of making good decisions about your pet's healthy nutrition based on the right criteria. The beginning of a well-rounded, holistic approach to your pet's diet.

There are many great books written by animal nutritionists and entire websites dedicated to healthy nutrition for pets. It's not difficult to sort out the genuine from the junk if you understand a bit about animal nutrition.

All that's left for you to do is take a little time to educate yourself. How can you begin to know if our pets are getting adequate healthy nutrition if you don't know what their bodies require?
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- Canine Nutrition; What Every Owner, Breeder, and Trainer Should Know

by Lowell Ackerman, D.V.M

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