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man walking dogAs you begin to compare pet insurance companies there are a number of criteria you need to consider. Start by familiarizing yourself with the top companies and their offerings.

Ask your veterinarian or a friend for recommendations. But ask them to be specific about the reasons they're making the recommendation.

Next, make a priority list of things you would like to have included in your insurance plan from the most to the least important.

As you begin to compare pet insurance plans, keep your priority list handy in order to evaluate the different policies and companies. After you have narrowed down your list, go back to read and study what each has to offer very carefully. Go beyond the basic information to insure your understanding of the critical differences between each of them.

Pay as much attention to what's NOT included in each plan as well as what is. What is not included can be quite a laundry list and you don't want to later discover that your dog may have a breed-specific condition that your insurance plan won't cover under any circumstances.

We've explored a few of the popular companies below to begin to answer some of your most basic questions as you start to compare pet insurance plans. After you've done your homework make a list of any unanswered questions you many have and jot down any issue or item that you are unsure about within the policies you're seriously considering.

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*Yes = Covered, limited coverage or optional add-on
*No = No coverage currently available
Name Deductible Options Waiting Period Wellness /Dental Alternative Treatments Per-incident or Annual Limits Pre-existing
Genetic Conditions
Embrace Yes No *Yes *Yes Yes *No *Yes
Hartville No Yes *Yes *No Yes *No *No
PetFirst No Yes *Yes *No Yes *No *Yes
PetCare Yes Yes *Yes *Yes Yes *No
Pet Healthcare AKC Yes Yes *Yes *No Yes *No *No
Pets Best Yes Yes *Yes *Yes No *No *Yes
Purina Care Yes Yes *Yes *No Yes *No *No
Trupanion Yes Yes *No *No Yes *No *Yes
Pet Plan Yes Yes *No *Yes Yes *No *Yes
VPI No Yes *Yes *No Yes *No *No
ASPCA No Yes *Yes *No Yes *No *No

Additional considerations when
comparing pet insurance -
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  • There are companies which reimburse a straight forward percentage of allowable expenses that your chosen veterinarian charges. For example if you have a policy that pays 80% after deductible for allowable expenses, then 80% of what your veterinarian charges for that illness or injury should be what's reimbursed to you.
  • Other insurance companies may specify payment or reimbursement using a "benefits schedule". This can mean the reimbursable amount is determined by what is a "usual or customary" charge for your geographical area. What does this mean for you?

    If your veterinarian happens to charge above what's considered "usual and customary" as determined by the insurance company, YOU end up paying the difference above and beyond your deductibles and co-insurance. Make sure you understand the process for determining how payment of a claim is paid or reimbursed.
  • Check to see if the company you're considering will increase premiums as your pet ages.
  • If your pet is a pure-breed you may want to check if the policy you're considering covers genetic or hereditary conditions
  • Some plans may increase premiums or cancel policies for too many claims made per year.
  • There are plans which do not cover vet specialists or after-hours vet hospitals or clinics. Decide if this is important to you ahead of time.
  • Make sure you have a thorough understanding of "excludes allgreat dane dog pre-existing conditions or illnesses". This varies a great deal from company to company.
  • Many companies offer policies for senior pets, but may only offer limited coverage or a lower reimbursement amount.
  • If you have more than one pet you may want to look for a policy that offers multiple-pet discounts; many do.
  • It can be confusing to compare pet insurance companies which offer many add-on's or extra insurance 'riders'. While these can accommodate keeping choices abundant and premiums lower, it can also add up fast if most of what you're looking for is "extra". Know what you need ahead of time and ask questions concerning what is included or what will cost you more to include.

Finally, call and talk with a company representative about your remaining questions. I can't stress enough the importance of taking the time needed to thoroughly examine your options when it comes to pet insurance. Prepare and compare pet insurance plans and companies before you make your final choice.

Contact the individual companies for rates and specific information regarding your pets circumstances. To read customer reviews and user ratings we recommend you visit

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