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Christmas Pets on Your Gift-Giving List This Year?

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Christmas pets as gifts?

Tis the season of hope and hopefully to bring stark awareness to the pitfalls of giving pets as gifts. 

I recently read an article in our newspaper that I was so moved by that I decided I had a responsibility to help spread the message. So...

...What do Paris Hilton, Taco Bell, and the movie "Legally Blonde" have in common? They have all contributed to the explosion of Chihuahuas as pets!

Because of the high profile these pint sized balls of fire now have, it's no surprise that they're one of the most popular breeds in Los Angeles. This phenomenon is in part due to the attention being brought on them by Hollywood celeb's, movies, and national advertising.

Now Starring at Nearby Hollywood Animal
Shelters Everywhere:
The Chihuahua!

Yes it's true, and there is a dark side to their popularity explosion. Many of the starstruck, who were emotionally led to purchase this tiny toy breed, quickly discovered they were not a good fit afterall. Then as the glammor and glitz of this adorable little "dog to the stars" wore off, hundreds have been cast aside to local animal shelters.

According to a spokesperson at San Francisco Animal Care and Control, so many have been surrendered that they currently make up approximately 30% of the dog population in many California shelters .  If this trend continues the numbers could reach as high as 50% of all dogs housed in shelters there.

Moral of the story: Adopting a four legged family member should not be taken lightly and most important to mention during the holiday season is that ANIMALS DO NOT MAKE GOOD GIFTS!

Christmas pets? It may seem as though waking up Christmas morning to a new puppy or kitten, all wrapped up in pretty ribbon, might just be the best gift you could ever give...but how sure are you that the recipient really wants the lifetime responsibility that goes along with it, much less the financial investment that comes with raising a pet.

Animal adoption should be a carefully made decision and should never be made on a whim. Pets are counting on their humans to make an investment in them for their lifetime; for better or for worse, in sickness and in health! It is simply careless to risk any animal being tossed aside like a used toy once the excitement of the furry little Christmas gift wears off.

Dogs, cats, or pets of any kind are living, breathing creatures who require love, compassion and commitment. Leave the bows and ribbons for disposable items that can be replaced and ask yourself if you're truely ready for the commitment of a family pet.

Houston Chronicle Article - Unwanted Chihuahuas

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