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Think You Provide Your Pet
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Best Pet Food Diet?

Before you answer, let's Consider some Facts...

Making the best pet food choice for a healthy diet can make all the difference in the long
term health of your pet.

Yes, good nutrition is that important! Just as it is with humans, food can help to heal as well as help to prevent health issues.

Let's talk about price. Many people make pet food choices based on the cost of a product. The price tag should not be the first priority when choosing your pet's food. As the old saying goes, "garbage in-garbage out"; and this especially true when it comes to healthy nutrition, or lack of it.
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Fact: The price of a manufactured pet food does not determine its nutritional soundness.

Just because a pet food is more expensive doesn't make it the best pet food choice. The same can be said for trying to save a buck by purchasing the cheapest pet food available too; you'll pay for it eventually if your pet suffers with dental issues or bad health from lack of healthy nutrition.

Animals are not like humans, and their nutritional needs are very different from ours. If you've acquired your pet from a reputable breeder begin by asking what type of food your breeder uses.

Fact: A responsible breeder will always be concerned about nutrition and want to ensure their animal's sound health by providing solid healthy nutrition.
But you will still need to do your own homework no matter what's being recommended.

Word of Caution: Be aware of animal "food fads and fanatics". Make sure before you buy into any new pet food trend, that there has been adequate research done to insure it's safety and nutritional value. At the very least be aware of what the risks and the benefits are and whether you are willing to put the work into making sure it's safe for your pet.

Unless you have some expertise in the science of animal nutrition, talk to your vet first if you're considering any unconventional diet for your pet . However keep in mind that your veterinarian may lack the time and resources needed to investigate the hundreds of food choices available today.

(Note: If you're choosing a commercial pet food make sure that at the very least the food has undergone an AAFCO feeding trial. The AAFCO have set criteria for live animal feeding trials. While these trials are not exhaustive and cannot insure that a pet food is nutritionally complete for all stages of a pets life, it's a better choice than a food that has never undergone a live animal feeding trial.)

Fact: Choosing food based on how much protein it has is not helpful either. According to leading experts, including Dr. Lowell Ackerman, it's the type and quality of the protein used that matter, not the quantity. How much good protein an animals needs depends on many factors; breed type, activity level, the animals stress level, and the stage of life he's in.

Fact: There are good reasons for feeding foods that are formulated for different life stages because your pet's needs change as they go from puppies or kittens, to adults, and then seniors.

If you choose a commercial pet food, it's very important to look fordog & cat eating manufacturers who are well respected in their field and have substantially contributed to nutritional research with pets.

Check out the information provided on the manufacturers website to help you make the best pet food choices.

Fact: There are responsible pet food manufacturers out there who do care about your pet's nutritional needs and are willing to share additional nutritional information about their products if you make a request.

Making the best pet food choice for your pet is one of the most important pet care decisions you will make for the life of your pet. Diet is the beginning of a

holistic approach to your pets health, and they're worth it, right!

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